y name is Oscar Deerfield. Welcome to MicroNutra Health? I am here to share with you one of the most exciting breakthroughs in the Science of Regenerative Medicine that I have ever seen.

If you"ve been searching for safe, effective relief from the adverse effects of radiation and chemotherapy, your search is over.

The good news I am about to share is built upon over forty years of solid science and proven nutritional evidence. Read on to learn about the latest development in high performance molecular nutrition known as Chemovive?/I>.

Every year an estimated 400,000 patients develop radiation-induced mucous ulcers (infections) in the lining of their mouth and throat. This is the most painful side effect of treatment and usually requires narcotics.

As Chemovive?fortifies your cells, the negative effects of your therapy are reduced, which keeps you on track.

The increased risk of infection is the greatest cause of disrupted radiation therapy and dose reduction in chemotherapy. Remember that any reduction in dosage EXTENDS the length of your cancer treatment.

Clinical research suggests 25% of the people who get these mucous ulcers QUIT THEIR THERAPY because they are so painful! Not only that, but it DOUBLES the risk of infection and the risk of infection-related deaths QUADRUPLE!

Believe me, you want to avoid this.

Chemovive?offers a safe, natural way to minimize the risk of these painful lesions and then reduces the chance of infection!

Lowering the risk of infection is only one of the many benefits of Chemovive? Speaking of risk, now is a good time to mention our guarantee . . .

Chemovive?comes with an unconditional 365-day RISK-FREE GUARANTEE! No questions asked!

Chemovive?is exactly what millions of cancer treatment sufferers have been looking for. Further benefits of Chemovive?include:

Remember, Chemovive?is engineered to support your body"s healing and defense processes at the cellular level.

Chemovive?increases your chances of survival by feeding your cells exactly what is needed to shield your good cells. Remember, when you strip away all the medical mumbo-jumbo, the fight against cancer is this simple:

You want to protect your HEALTHY cells and eliminate the UNHEALTHY cells.

Finally, chemotherapy and radiation treatment patients have access to the critical nutrition necessary for long-term health and wellness.

Chemovive?is the very first complete non-prescriptive formulation fused with eight plant-based micronutrients in the utmost ABSORBABLE supplement possible. Chemovive?is the most powerful and most effective natural product of its kind in the world.

I realize the road you"re on is a hard one. But I know with the right support, of Chemovive? you can make it.

Chemovive?is a Cellular Support Formula with maximum absorption ability that is very affordable due to the state-of-the-art proprietary blending technology at MicroNutra Health?

Chemovive?Nurtures Throughout Radiation Recovery!

Chemotherapeutic Treatment Causes Severe Adverse Effects . . .

There are numerous reports that consistently reveal positive results that indicate the benefits of using the nutritional ingredients combined in Chemovive? Chemovive?is a valuable addition to chemotherapy.

Many times, patients cannot tolerate the increased risk of diseases due to chemotherapy. As a result, standard therapies include the addition of secondary medications, such as steroids, to help reduce the side effects of cancer chemotherapy.

However effective these treatments may be, patients commonly experience hair loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mucosal ulcers, bone marrow problems and more. This is a lot of suffering; then to complicate matters further with additional side effects from secondary treatments.

That"s just one more great reason Chemovive?is the answer. The chances of needing secondary medication may be minimized, along with all the other benefits I"ve spoke of.

Extensive testing has revealed time and time again that the new class of plant-nutrients in Chemovive?directly helps to minimize, and in some cases, totally reverse all the side effects of radiation chemotherapy, such as:

Chemovive?Is Full-Spectrum Nutritional Insurance!

  1. Chemovive?works all the way down to your DNA level inside your cells.
  2. Absorbs quickly, even by compromised digestive systems and quickly metabolized by every kind of genetic make-up and body type.
  3. Optimizes your overall health at the cellular level to keep you on a natural path to well-being.
  4. Maximizes the positive benefits of your treatment, and minimize the negative effects of radiation chemotherapy.
  5. Soothes inflammation caused by cancer and harsh therapies.
  6. Sustains immunity while supporting rapid recovery.
  7. Fights viral and bacterial infections.
  8. Alleviates depression caused by chemical stress.
  9. Stimulates immune and growth factors to support normal hormone levels.

By improving the quality of your cell membranes, you directly enhance your overall health, and nothing is more important than improving the quality of your life and your loved ones.

Remember, Chemovive?is synergistically blended at the molecular level. This ensures optimum digestion even for people with weak or compromised digestive systems. Now your body can benefit more from increased cell-to-cell communication and neural signaling.

New Scientific Proof: Chromatographic Analysis

An Independent carbohydrate analytical laboratory has run High Performance Liquid Chromatography on a hydrolyzed sample of our glyconutrient polymer and qualitatively demonstrated that the essential monosaccharides, Mannose, Fucose, Xylose, Glucose, Galactose, N-Acetylneuraminic Acid, N-Acetylgalactosamine, and N-Acetylglucosamine are all present along with Arabinose, another beneficial sugar.

The lab was able to quantify the result so that several samples run on the same lot are within the 95% confidence level. An example of a typical chromatogram showing the monosaccharides is as follows:


No other company can offer this kind of documentation! Chemovive?is 100% guaranteed to work for you, and it has ZERO negative side effects.

Chemovive?acts quickly; most people see amazing results in the reduction of cancer therapy symptoms in 48-72 hours.

Chemovive?is uniquely designed to utilize only the finest natural ingredients to ensure the highest possible potency.

Chemovive?contains the most potent anti-oxidant ever formulated; thereby, reducing the levels of free radicals dramatically. The powerful anti-oxidant of Chemovive?slows down cellular damage caused by radiation chemotherapy.

In other words, Chemovive?helps protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals and chemically induced stress.

Believe me, you want Chemovive?on your side!

Imagine The Healing Possibilities!

There truly is no comparison between Chemovive?and any other support available anywhere.

Here"s our Guarantee! If, for any reason, you are not absolutely amazed by your personal experience with Chemovive? the charges will be reversed, or refunded, as if it never happened. We are so confident in our product, that we guarantee Chemovive?for up to one full year.

New cutting edge orthomolecular blending technology is just beginning to revolutionize the world of natural medicine as we know it. MicroNutra Health?is the only nutraceutical formulator ever to apply this level of quality into any food supplement.

"Ortho means "right"- the right molecules in the right amounts. Orthomolecular medicine leads to the best health and the greatest decrease in disease. It is the most effective prevention in the treatment
of disease." Dr. Linus Pauling
Two times Nobel Prize winner and founder of Orthomolecular Medicine. Literally, every cell plays its particular role to the success of your health. The synergistic blend of Chemovive?as a whole represents a powerful tool to optimize all your body"s vital systems.

Chemovive?consists of 100% all-natural ingredients that are essential to make it safe and effective. It contains no chemically-generated compounds or artificial additives and unlike pharmaceutical drugs, it does not require a prescription. In addition, Chemovive?has ZERO negative side effects, only positive, reinforcing life-giving benefits.

Chemovive?is a new major scientific achievement in orthomolecular medicine. There are currently over 2,000 clinical studies worldwide, which prove the positive health benefits of Chemovive? Research now runs to over 80,000 papers in many established medical journals.

Chemovive"s Vital Dietary Plant Nutrients

Mannose is the chief of the essential super critical molecular glycans. It helps strengthen the excretion system and helps defend against bacterial infections. Proteins that carry Mannose to cells activate macrophages that literally devour cancer cells. It also releases a substance called INTERFERON, which alerts and empowers immune defenses to inhibit cancers. Galactose coexists with Lactose. It is vital for intercellular communications. It promotes wound healing, decreased inflammation, and stimulates needed calcium absorption. As shown in the March "97 issue of Anticancer, Galactose decreases the number of liver tumors. Fucose is found in healthy mother"s milk and transfers immunity to newborns. It is important for proper nerve function, kidney health, reproduction systems, and hydration of your skin. Glucose enhances memory, stimulates calcium absorption and increases cellular communication. Glucose also has shown promise when injected for ovarian cancers. Xylose is an antibacterial and antifungal. It promotes the growth of healthful flora in your intestines; therefore, it maximizes nutrient absorption, which in turn, strengthens your immune system. N-acetylneuramic acid is vital to many body fluids including, serum, cerebrospinal, saliva, amniotic, and mother"s milk. It is an immune modulator that benefits many things and it is a powerful antiviral. It is 1,000 times more potent than antiviral drugs used to fight influenza. N-acetylgalactosamine helps in the prevention of many diseases. Evidence reveals it helps in tumor reduction and promotes healthful heart cells. This is also key to promoting joint health, and is also an anti-inflammatory. N-acetylglucosamine is found in the brain, thyroid, liver, small intestine, testes, epithelial cells of the endocrine and sebaceous glands, and endothelial cells of blood vessels. It is presumed that it plays a crucial role in all these tissues and organs.

The New Science of Healing Plants!

Chemovive?provides a revolutionary new class of dietary supplements that support overall cellular signaling and reception. These potent and beneficial micronutrients are carefully extracted from living plants and utilized in a biologically-active formulation.

Plants are the building blocks of all medicine, and even pharmaceuticals are based on artificial chemical copies of our time-tested botanical friends. In fact, before their common use as foods, many vegetables and fruits first gained notoriety as medicines.

Plant-based cures underscore almost every culture and folklore. How many years have we all been told to eat all our fruits and vegetables? Inarguably, many of the diseases that afflict the American population are a direct result of a lack of micronutrients in their diet.

Your body needs these specific micronutrients to achieve and maintain optimal health. Supporting your body with Chemovive?makes it even more vital for healthy cellular communication and cellular repair while you undergo radio or chemotherapy.

During harsh therapies associated with cancer treatment, your body needs specific micronutrients to sustain immunity while it supports rapid recovery. Chemovive?is designed to target and help repair cellular damage from the DNA level on up.

Chemovive ?is another remarkable product from the scientific research team at MicroNutra?Health that continue to provide quality healthcare solutions in the world for over 30 years

Our scientists literally engineered Chemovive ?at the most subtle and precise levels to maximize potency and absorption.

Our expert team of formulators has devoted many years to perfect a proprietary 12-step pharmaceutical-type blending and extraction process. This is only one of the key factors that help make Chemovive?uniquely superior.

Chemovive?Is the Light That Guides You!

Chemovive?works with your medical therapy to give you a fighting edge before, during, and after. All you have to do is:

There is no arguing anymore that the ingredients that make Chemovive?what it is today have been proven safe and effective.

Further Cutting Edge Research Shows . . .

Scientists at the Tokai University School of Medicine found remission doubled by using these super plant-based nutrients with chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone. Subjects issued supplementation, along with radiation or chemotherapy, also regained healthy weight more rapidly, were less nauseated, and both red and white blood cell counts normalized faster than a control group not issued the supplementation.

Oncologist Dr. Glen Hyland did a pilot survey with 127 patients. 100 patients completed the survey. He found that these super nutrients were not only safe, but also discovered non-responsive patients responded when supplementation was combined with chemotherapy. His survery further revealed.

  1. Standard treatment was not neutralized by supplementation containing antioxidant micronutrients.
  2. Radiation and chemotherapy, against tumors were more effective.
  3. Normal cells (bone marrow, liver, kidney, and mucosal base cells) were protected from treatment damage with the supplementation.
  4. When malignancies were not responsive to therapy (sarcomas, responded to the combination) the quality of life, with the supplement improved significantly.

Research in the annals of the New York Academy of Science shows the benefits of using the same dietary plant nutrients in Chemovive?with chemotherapy. 50% tested received Mitomycin C, while the other 50% received chemotherapy plus Chemovive? Half of the chemotherapy group developed further spread of cancer, while only 13% of the group that used supplementation with chemotherapy developed further spread of cancer. That"s an amazing 387% improvement in positive results!